“Spooky Spookers” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 29, 2012

Set in an old mental institution you can feel the fear before you've reached the gates. If you're a lover of ghost stories, it's not only the attractions that give you frights!
Really well set up, value for money, just remember a torch so you don't have to buy one! The characters make-up and costumes are amazing! I recommend the 3D track to start as it is not too intense, and plays on mind tricks rather than frights.
Get in early, it is always packed!

“Spookers treat - scarily great!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 9, 2012

Fantastic experience @ a very good price! Very impressed!

“Super scare package, 2 hours of heart pounding fun!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 8, 2012

I did the Super Scare with some workmates, it was awesome! We got a group photo and entrance into all the attractions there. Loved the forest, got chased by undead hillbilly's with chainsaws, and the haunted house. After all the fun we had a yummy pizza. I recommend 'Meat the Reaper' really tasty. Its a good night out, highly recommend if your in Auckland you go there.

“A+++” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 3, 2012

It was a really fun experience. It was awesome knowing it was fake but feeling was real. LOVE LOVE LOVE how males are turned from beef, staunch heads into little scarredy pants.LOVE

“Terror-ific!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 2, 2012

Very creepy. Genuinely frightful. Lots of fun!
The make-up, acting, and staging all adds to the horror of the scene. We went through the freaky forest (I had to RUN a couple of times from chainsaw weilding ghouls and psychos) and the hanuted house (creep-o-rama). It was great to do something new and completely different in Auckland after living my whole life here - top quality.
Advice -
1. Use the bathroom beforehand (seriously, you will get a few frights)
2. Take someone to hide behind/use as a human shield
3. Remember to look behind you - they will sneak up on you and they will touch you
4. Take a torch if you want to go to the outside attractions
5. Remember, there is a safe word and they will stop if you use it (trust me, they are very nice)
6. It's more fun if you get into it!

“The best fun I've had in a while!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed May 26, 2012

Great place, loads of fun..... great team building exercise for workmates.
Actors, make up etc is awesome, we had a blast, even in the rain!

“Excellent” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed May 26, 2012

Awesome place to visit. very good effects and very real. Take your friends and make an evening out of the place.

“Awesome” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed May 25, 2012

Brought some staff up from Kingsgate Rotorua and it was awesome have decided to keep bringing as many as I can up. Already ready to book our next group in for June. Just awesome entertainment.

“On a Wet Cold Windy Night” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed May 6, 2012

Loved it! Even in the rain it was fun! I laughed so much at everyone screaming.

“Do go here!!” 4 of 5 stars Reviewed April 24, 2012

This place is the complete package. They do such a good job at scaring that I am still afraid to go back. Its so good that they even have a chart for those who've wet their pants infer. I don't want to reveal anymore but do go.. Boo!

“Blimmin heck...” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed March 26, 2012

What fun...Make sure your pacemaker is on, take a spare pair of nickers cause this place can scare the ...out of you...Really frightening, glad I did it but will leave it to the younger ones next time. You can tell who your friends are when the run off and leave you to deal with a mad man weilding a chain saw..

“aaah freaky! a great night out” 4 of 5 stars Reviewed March 7, 2012

The staff/actors here were amazing. They stayed in character the whole time and played their parts very well. Well worth a look, even if it is to have a laugh at your friends screaming for their lives! The entry price is fair for the level of professionalism and number of staff & effects you get to see. The house is decked out in fantastic props and themes. So many rooms, you could go back a second time and still not get to see everything.

great scary fun!
toatlly worth the drive, awesome props and staff looked real like you were in a horror movie:)
CRISTAL BENNETT - Jun 06, 2012

Great and easy
Really enjoyed the experience. wished we could have stayed longer and done slower....missed them chasing people around the carpark. Enjoyed them chasing people into toilets or cafe. Worth travelling from Rotorua to do!
KAY LITTLER - May 16, 2012

A fantastic experience
Every thing went well. Service was very good, staff professional and friendly.

I went to Spookers with a bunch of friends and we all enjoyed it We did the Haunted house and the corn field they were both amazing , very scary ,the actors were amazing.Even waiting to get in we were getting scared .It was brilliant , it was also a lot of fun .All my mates and myself had a blast :)
HOLLIE MCDONALD - Apr 20, 2012

Great evening very well done
Service was very casual, but very good. Welcoming atmosphere created by staff. Fantastic staff creating a wonderful scary experience in the attractions liked the scary haunting sounds coming through the car radio and the people wandering around during dinner. Unique night out and like the fact that children can also go during the day to a childrens version - well thought out.
KEVIN ALDERSON - Apr 19, 2012

Awesome, so worth it
Everything looked so real. The clown part was my favourite, just because it was so intense with all the colours. Had an awesome time. Thanks
TAILA WRIGHT - Apr 18, 2012

Good night out
The whole experience was great from booking online to not having to wait in line. And then the attractions themselves were great with a nice cold beverage and food to follow.
MARK STEWART - Apr 18, 2012

A unique awesome exerience
Fanastic, well organisd and the actors were amazing and the make up so convincing.
JANE HETT - Apr 18, 2012

It was so good! I would defiantly come back! Exceeded my expectations!

Wicked experience - everyone loved it!
All exceeded expectations. We all had a fantastic time and will definitely be back.
AMY WATTS - Mar 22, 2012

Pants wettingly ... AWESOME !!!
Spookers was such a fun night !!! SOOOO SCARY !!! The Scary people were soooo Scary & the Unscary people were SOOOO NICE !!! The food was amazing !!! Service was Fantastic !!! far exceeded all expectations & recommendations
BRONWEN IRONS - Mar 15, 2012

This was my first time to 'SPOOKERS' it was thrilling from the time I arrived to the time I left. I've never screamed so much in all my life! Thank you "The team" at 'SPOOKERS' Awesome job! Im totally recommending you to everyone I know.
JODI NGAKURU - Mar 01, 2012

The service was awesome, we were being scared from the moment we arrived. Even better than I expected it to be. Well worth the money.
Demi - Feb 23, 2012

Fantastic experience and service, would highly recommend to anyone!

Was really good tour - actors very good. 3D Disturbia artist has done wonderful work - painting was surreal.
FIONNA CATLEY - Feb 02, 2012

Awesome Evening
Brilliant fun evening. Actors looked amazing. Fantastic value for money.
PAM - Feb 02, 2012

Spookers was awesome!!!
Really good experience, loved every minute of it especially Disturbia! Definetely exceeded expectations, actors did their job really well
ANGIE MCARTHUR - Jan 26, 2012

Took my wife for her birthday, she is still talking about how awesome it was nearly a week later. We will definitely be coming back!!!!
TIM HOLDING - Jan 26, 2012

Absolutely loved it, brilliant night
KATHERINE ARMON - Jan 25, 2012

Lots of FUN
Your actors looked so good and scary. Boy some of those actor girls can scream.
ROY DAMMER - Jan 18, 2012

Great Fun Experience!
We had a great time. The actors were impressive - they stayed in role and played their roles very well. The two attractions we did - Corn-evil and disturbia - were well set up and appropriately enhanced the experience. Because of the huge crowds and long queues it was difficult to see which queues were for what and where to go for particular attractions. Perhaps some more marshalls to guide lost souls may have helped. Overall - Fantastic!! Would happily recommend the experience. Well done Andy, Beth and team!!

Awesome fun and a great place to take a group of friends.
My daughter took a group of her friends for her 16th birthday celebrations. Everyone had a blast, got scared, had laughs, all in all it was a great entertaining night. Spookers staff were awesome, friendly and helpful. thanks for making my daughters 16th so memorabale.

Good Experience
Quality of service exceeded expectations.
TJIE JAN WIE - Dec 28, 2011

Great experience
Love it at spookers. Really well done, great actors. Overall great experience
AMIE NEVERMAN - Dec 21, 2011

Brilliant fun, we had a blast, still talking about it
Loved it when you turned into driveway and saw the hospital, that scared us. Reckon you should have a scary thing there, escaped mental patient, drops of blood on windscreen. Our expectations were excedded. maybe could have had a little more direction at the ticket office.
BRIDGET RAY - Dec 15, 2011

Great night was had by everyone... big thanks!
Everyone was so helpful and nice. Thanks you all from the team at Pinkys for making our Xmas Party a night to remember.
JUSTIN WEIGHT - Dec 08, 2011

It was fantastic!!
I took my nephew for his 18th initailly I was not going to do the attractions but I did the whole lot and I am so glad that I did it!! Good stuff guys loved it!

Loved it!
Awesome experience - would recommend to others. Great adult entertainment. I was scared! Great service and exceeded expections. Only comment was to make freaky forest really dark i.e. no torch with dimly lit path! Shame corn fields was closed - next time!
VANESSA JACKSON - Nov 24, 2011

Another fantastic night, i would like to see the leaders and the end people get picked on a bit more. We'll be out again for the cornfields in the new year
BROOKE FENTON - Nov 24, 2011

Had a great night, we loved it. There was plenty of screaming, obviously not from me though, honest.
BRETT SMITH - Nov 24, 2011

At least we didnt wet our pants!
Absolutely scary! Great atomsphere and after the atractions the staff were VERY friendly. Thanks for a blast x
MICHAEL HYDE - Nov 16, 2011

Absolutley fantastic. We had such a good time!
SHAYE SIMPSON - Nov 16, 2011

It was AMAZING!!!
Was a great night. Would definitely go again and would recommend to everyone :) Great Costumes and Makeup too
SHAYE SIMPSON - Nov 16, 2011

DANIELLE LOCKETT - Nov 07, 2011 Grotesguely Awesome
Was a great night out had a laugh and really enjoyed ourselves

A great experience, really scary!!!
It was a great experience, the boys were scared!! So was I. Our guide was very entertaining and the Disturbia 3D was great too. A spooky afternoon of fun. The Cafe staff were nice and friendly, the food and coffee good.It was a good place to bring 13 year old boys for a party outing.
LIZ JACOB - Oct 06, 2011

Well worth doing the Super Pass with free pic
Totally enjoyed our experience at Spookers, especially the freaky forest, that had me screaming all over the place. Disturbia was really cool...loved the 3D look. Haunted House rocked too..actors did such a great job. Will be being coming back again for a second scare lol
NICOLA MCDOWELL - Sep 22, 2011

Thank you very much. It was so fantastic and great,i've bought another 2 tickets at your office on site.

JOHN STEADMAN - Sep 01, 2011

Just wanted to thank you all for such an awesome night out that we had last Saturday, it looks like you all put a lot of effort into all your make up and running the attractions and it pays off. It was much appreciated by our group and myself to go through and be wary of each and every corner at the attractions. We were all impressed about everything and it is so good to have something this cool in New Zealand as we are from Wellington. It was a highlight on our trip in Auckland without a doubt, so well done to each and everyone one of you. It was awesome! We'll be back in the near future! Keep up the good work!
Thank you on behalf of our group,

I have been meaning to email you for weeks now to say thank you very much for a great 10th Birthday party for my son. Everything was fantastic the kids and the adults had such a great time and could not stop talking about what a great time they had. Awesome job and so worth the money! Thanks again to you and your team

Kind Regards, Nellie

Just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic hospitality on Saturday night.  We really enjoyed ourselves, and I’m sure we’ll be back (most of us anyway!).

Can you say a special thank you to the scary guy with the long hair that came in and visited us throughout the night?  He was absolutely fantastic, and really deserves a huge Thank You.



We had such a good time, laughs and frights alike.  The chap who runs the entry to the haunted house was awesome, seven times he made me jump.  All of the actors were fantastic, the dancing girls in the haunted house scared me the most.

Food was lovely and plenty of it thank you.  I know some of the guys bought photo’s which we’ll upload to our intranet so staff can see what they missed out on J

Please pass on my thanks to all for a wonderful evening.  It was great having a chat with the owner as well, he had some fab stories.

Louise Cooper

Senior Procurement Officer

Staff were friendly. Actors were awesome and makeup and props were Excellent. Great frights were had by all in our group of 6. Have recommended to others and are planning another trip in Summer when you have Cornevil.
CHIANA SHERWOOD - Jul 06, 2012