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RESTRICTED: R16 - No ID, No EntryR.16 Attractions   

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Open every Friday and Saturday night from 8pm.The Woods, Haunted House, and Disturbia are your current terrifying choices.

What makes Spookers Haunted Attraction exceptional in a digital world is that we provide a very real, very physical, pure primal experience that a lot of people struggle to find in their daily lives. We provide that entertainment experience for the cost of a ticket. 


Spookers is a live entertainment experience in which the victims (you!) move through theatrically themed Haunted Houses, and outdoor environments decorated by sets, props and live scare-actors.  As you walk through the attractions you will come across unexpected visual, tactile, and sound effects intended to scare the yell out of you.

All attractions on this page are strictly R.16.


The Possession of Spookers
On Friday the 13th of September Spookers becomes entirely 'POSSESSED'
'The Possession of Spookers' will see exorcisms, priests, seance's and demons. This will be a Friday the 13th like you have never experienced before!
Become immersed in our themed attractions that will set your heart racing and make you question if what you are seeing and feeling is real...or not...
R16 NO Photo ID, No Entry
Attractions include 'The Haunted House', 'Disturbia', The Woods' and 'The Fog'

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5 of 5 starsReviewed by Tom B

This place was ridiculously good. I've never enjoyed being so terrified. All my friends came out raving about it. Would go back again in a heartbeat.

An amazing high octane experience leaving you jumping at almost everything even after you've left!



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