"Special event" - 2 nights ONLY - Don't miss this awesome experience.

Pitch Black Panic Attack

Entry to the Pitch Black Panic Attack includes the Haunted House

at Spookers......with the lights turned off and Disturbia (lights on)

$35 pp door sales available

Thursday nights. August 21st and August 28th. Entry from 8pm- 10.30pm

50 Spookers spooks will be dressed up and waiting for the you in total pitch black darkness as you make your way through the Haunted House with only the light of one glow stick per group!

And the NORMAL Spookers as below, is open Friday and Saturday nights.

Spookers is the No. #1 Haunted Attraction Scream Park in New Zealand.

Have you ever had the feeling that you are being watched? The feeling of being in danger?
Your heart starts pounding… a cold and clammy sweat builds and your hair stands on ends.

Your surroundings are unfamiliar and you feel lost.

You can hear screams in the distance and it is clear that you are definitely in danger. Your heart pounds.

Your breaths are short and fast. Your gut sinks. The feeling of fear has set in…

Welcome to Spookers.

“Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.” Strictly R.16 on Friday and Saturday nights.

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Bookings for attractions are not essential, but are recommended

Bookings are essential for the restaurant, but not the cafe.


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Spookers is a live entertainment experience in which the victims(you!) move through theatrically themed Haunted Houses, and outdoor environments populated by sets, props and live scare-actors.  As you walk through the experiences you will encounter visual, tactile, and sound effects intended to scare the yell out of you.