Haunted HousE

From the blood-curdling butcher to the so-sad babies and other tortured souls with their voices seeping through the floorboards; just three steps into Spookers Haunted House could have you begging for mercy and sprinting for the door.


The Woods

We disappear behind the trees that stand tall against the pitch black of the night. We hear your every thought and every breath. Soon you're dodging and ducking through the trees from the roar of the chainsaw behind you. Screaming won't help you. Running won't save you.


BYO Torch


Step into the world of blacklight loving freaks. Tight spaces, loud noises and the fast pace will test your limits. Psychedelic clowns take "clowning around" to their irrational happy place. Don't hide, because they'll find you.


The Fog

A flat swirling surface of slime green creates the illusion of wading through a swampy marsh. It’s near impossible to see below the slimy surface, so when the time is right, the swamp creature may pop up mere inches from your face. Terrifying!